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Escape Room


Available only in POrltand

1 Hour to escape

It’s the 1920’s and prohibition is the law of the land. The import, transportation and sale of alcoholic beverages is illegal yet you decide to go against the law and run an underground speakeasy.

Word on the street is you’ve been ratted out to the cops and they are on the way. You have up to one hour to escape or you go to jail.

To escape, you and your group must work together to solve puzzles and piece together clues in order to make your getaway before the cops arrive.

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Cost: $25.00 per person (two person minimum)

For reservations: Call, text or email

Phone: 971-254-9602

Text: 360-931-5138


Note: We are located in a bar, so everyone must be 21 and over. This is not a scary escape room.